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Dressage Tests
Area 15 Combined Training Qualifier 19th April 2015
Fab day at Area Combined Training Competition. Mynydd Teams were impeccably turned out. Everyone rode brilliantly - Well done all!!!!!!!!!!!

Mynydd Pink Team consisting of Amy Daye, Leanne Thomas and Siân Humphreys were placed 6th. This team only had 3 riders. Amy showed off her fabulous Dressage skills getting 72.1% Novice 27 followed by a Clear SJ and won the Novice Class!!! Whoop! Well done hun . Amy will be off to Championships to represent Mynydd Club. Leanne had 55.3% Prelim 7 Dressage and 4faults SJ and was placed 11th in Class. Sian had 58.2% in Novice 27 Dressage and a fabulous Clear SJ and was placed 5th in Class.
The Other Senior teams weren't placed but there were some individual placings:
Mynydd Yellow team consisted of Emily Andrews Sandra Andrews, Sue Beckman and Sam Dacey. Emily had a dressage score of 59.1% Novice 27 and 8F Sj . Sandra had 61.5 % Prelim 7 and 4F Sj. Sue had 57.7% Novice 27 and E Sj. Sam Dacey had a fab Dressage score 71.2% and Clear SJ and was placed 6 th as an individual.
Mynydd Orange consisted of Edie Johnson Julia Whittaker Susie Pugh and Angharad James. Edie had 63.2% Prelim 7 Dressage and 25F Sj including time penalties. Susie had 64% Prelim 7 Dressage and 8F Sj . Julia had 60.5% Novice 27 plus 4F Sj. Angharad had 63.9% Novice 27 and E Sj. 
Mynydd Red Team consisted of Rhian Carter Beth Barton Mel Newman and Lisa Liley. Rhian had 62% Prelim 7 Dressage and a Clear SJ. Beth had 62.8% Dressage Prelim 7 and 18 F Sj inc time penalties. Mel had 67% Novice 27 and 4f Sj. She was placed 5th as an individual in her Class. Lisa had 62.1% Novice 27 and 4 F Sj. She was placed 6th in her class as an individual.
We only had one Junior Rider Macy Johnson . Macy had 63.5% Dressage Prelim 7 and Clear SJ. She was placed 5th as an individual.
Well done all. Fab day! There were 20 riders in each Senior Class and 10 in Junior Class so to be placed was an achievement .

4th April Minimus Show Jumping Competition at Pencoed  
What a fantastic day of show jumping at Pencoed College. We had lots of lovely donations of cakes and goodies on sale, with plenty of competitors having fun. A huge thank you to our sponsors, without you we would not be able to run such a fab show.
The results are :-
Lead Rein Class 45cm sponsored b y Wuzzles Bubbles Rug Wash. 1st  Jasmine Ockwell riding Jessy J . 2nd Caitlin Wells riding Crystal . 3rd Daisy Hughes riding Abbey. Absolutely fabulous riding Congratulations all xxx . 
45cm Junior Class sponsored by Purple Vet Physio. 1st Lydia Baroth riding Trident Silver Bobby. 2nd Ellie Priday riding Sherry. 3rd Lauren ? riding Mackie. 4th Bethan Williams riding Zulu Warrior. 5th  Caitlin Wells riding Crystal and 6th Alex Bissmire riding Puzzle.
50cm Senior Class sponsored by Lees Cleaning Services. 1st Gemma Hale riding Hollyland Marachino. 2nd Caroline Pound riding Warrior Dance. 3rd Alison Rees riding Bailey. 4th Louise Williams riding Billy Whizz. 
50cm Junior Class sponsored by Sian Edwards Equestrian. 1st Sophie riding Tammie. 2nd Rhys Smart riding Pikachu. 3rd Bethan Williams riding Zulu Warrior. 4th Amy Tucker riding Alex. 5th Caitlin Wells riding Crystal. 6th Abigail Smart riding Penny.
60cm Senior Class sponsored by Watts & Morgan . 1st Helen Bolton riding Jericho . 2nd Flo Davies riding Treasure. 3rd Emma Thomas riding Future.4th Louise Williams riding Billy Whizz .  5th Claire White riding Ben 6th Caroline Pound riding Warriors Dance .
60cm Junior Class sponsored by Watts & Morgan 1st Eliza? riding RI. 2nd Rhys Smart riding Pikchau 3rd Libby Johnson riding Karetina. 4th Amy Tucker riding Alex.  
70cm Class Senior sponsored by James Hughes Farrier  . 1st Carmen Bloxham riding Hamish. 2nd Cerys Davies riding Prince Charming . 3rd Debbie Stone riding Ruby. 4th Flo Davies riding Treasure. 5th Tanya Guest riding Harry. 6th Janine Malone riding Monkey .
70cm Junior Class sponsored by CoedCae Tree Services. 1st Eliza riding RI. 2nd Libby Johnson riding Karetina. 3rd Jessica Adams riding Flame. 4th Daniel Ellis riding Austin.
Thank you to all Competitors.
We put on this show following requests from our Members. It was aimed at giving confidence to Members and Others at a low key Show. Judge Gill Dowling was fabulous giving riders support. Feedback was positive with many asking When is next show? Shows can not be put on without support from Members as a lot of preparation and input is needed. As usual thanks to all members that helped in either person or baking etc. We do appreciate your help!!!!! Rhian Carter did a grand job coordinating help. Mynydd Committee came out in force to help run show. Jeanette Brookes and Lynne Johnson did a grand job running food with helpers. Julia Whittaker Sue Beckman Georgie Amy Daye Estelle Johnson and Sharonne Williams all contributed and ensured day a success! Fab Sponsors enabling Riders to win great prize money. Many thanks to Wuzzles Bubbles, Purple Vet Physio, Diamonds Forever International, Sian Edwards Equestrian, Lees Cleaning Services, Watts and Morgan Estate Agents, Coed Cae Tree Services and James Hughes Farrier. 
29th March Area 15 Intermediate Dressage Qualifier
Fab day today at Intermediate Dressage Area Qualifier Pencoed. We entered 3 Senior and 1 Junior team. The Junior team consisted of Martha Matthews Macy Johnson Libby Johnson and Darcy Coates. Martha had sent her passport off so couldn't ride her own horse. Dee lent her horse so she could still take part. Macy s horse was under the weather so Vicky lent her horse so she could still take part. Lovely to have such lovely people out there to help members in time of need! Both girls haven't ridden the horses before so rode amazingly ! Martha had 63. 8%in Prelim 13. Macy had 54.8 in Novice 28. Libby Johnson ride Novice 34 and scored 58. 7%. Libby had 4 marks deducted for using her voice . Something that has been mentioned in training and that we can all take note of. Otherwise a good test! Darcy Coates had 49.9% in Elementary 42. Darcy took on the job of doing the Elementary and did a grand job ! There was only 1 Junior Team entered so these girls will be representing Mynydd Club for Area 15 at the Championships in Bury Farm 2/3 May. You were all fab well done! 
Our Senior Teams were placed 5th and 6th and Tina Phillips will qualify as an individual in Novice 34 and also have an invitation to the championships! Mynydd Orange team were placed 5th. Sharonne Williams scored 61.3% 7th in Prelim 13. Rebecca Coombs Taylor scored 64.6% 7th in Novice 28. Mel Newman scored 64. 8% 3rd in Novice 34. Tina Phillips scored 61.7% in Elem 42. Mynydd Green Team were placed 6th. Laura James scored 58.2% 12th. Amy Daye score 67.7% in Novice 28 placed 3rd. Tina Phillips scored 69.8% Novice 34 placed 2nd. Lucy Hamblett scored 59% in Elementary 42. Mynydd Red Team weren't placed but had fab results. Wendy Edwards scored 57.7%placed 11th. Eleri Caderman scored 67.3% placed 4th novice 28. Susie Pugh scored 59. 8% placed 10th. Debbie Havard scored 60.5% Elementary 42. Placed 10th.
Fab results all. Super team spirit. Amy Daye Lynne Johnson and i rallied up teams. Lucky to be part of such a fab club!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxx

18th February 2015 Team Jumping at Talygarn
Fab day Team Jumping in Talygarn. Real Mynydd team spirit. Everyone was fab and all enjoyed. Our Mynydd Red Team in 1ft9/2ft consisted of Gemma Hale C/CAmanda Davies C/C and Sue 4/4 Aldridge. They ended up on 8 faults and were placed 5th. All these riders are ready to move up to next height. Fab riding ladies! We then had 2 teams in 2ft/2ft3. The Mynydd Mice ended on 4 faults and were placed 4th. The Team consisted of Vicky McCarthy C/4 Macy Johnson  C/E ( Jumped wrong jump but ride beautifully! ) Megan Pippin 4/C and Amanda Davies C/C. Mynydd Orange Team ended on 16 faults and were placed 6th. Sue Aldridge C/4 Maxine Dommett 4/E (Forgot course although jumped with fab style) Chelsea Davies C/C and Libby Johnson 4/8 (Libby rode Gemma's pony so did a fab job sitting on pony for first time) . We then had 3 teams in the 2 ft 3/6 . Mynydd Pink were placed 4th and finished on 4 faults. Team consisted of Megan Pippin C/4 Chelsea Davies 4/C Vicky McCarthy C/E and Maxine Dommett C/C. Fab riding girls. Mynydd Green finished on 8 faults and were placed 5th . Team consisted of Caitlyn Wells 4/C Katie Owen 4/C Sian White C/C and Sian Williams 8/8. Some great jump offs girls x Mynydd Yellow Team also finished on 8 faults and were placed 6th. Team consisted of Macy Johnson C/4 Libby Johnson C/C Caroline Pound 8/E ( Jumped the wrong jump but otherwise a fab round) and Edie Johnson C/4. All had great fun - lovely team spirit once again ! We had 2 teams in the 2ft 6/9. Mynydd Crimson finished on 12 faults and were placed 2nd. Team consisted of Katie Owen C/4. Caitlyn Wells C/C. Sian White 4/4. Sian Williams 12/8. Again some fab very fast jump off rounds! Mynydd Sapphire finished on 20 faults and were placed 3rd. Team consisted of Edie Johnson 4/4. Flo Davies C/8. Libby Johnson C/E ( Libby tried to do a fast jump off and unfortunately departed but is fine!- well done for trying but maybe remember lines!) Caroline Pound 8/4. We did have some of our regulars away today. Team spirit was still fab though and we had a few new members join us which is lovely. Well done all!!!!!!!!! X 

Festival of the Horse Area 15 Qualifier at Pontispool 15th February 2015
Well done Team Mynydd Red Team at the FOTH Challenge at Pontispool today Sunday 15.2.15.. Team consisted of :- Vicky Davies Emblyn who had a good round but sadly was eliminated as missed a fence on the SJ. Sue Beckman who had 8 faults SJ and clear XC. Well done Sue! Sarah Goldsworthy who had clear SJ and a good round XC. She had a fall XC at the water but remounted and finished with no other faults. Fab spirit Sarah Well done! Lisa Liley sadly had to withdraw as horse unsound however she and her husband Jeremy still supported team and did the team duty volunteering for Mynydd. Thank you to Sue Beckman stepping in as Team Manager and reporting success of day. Well done to you all for competing for Mynydd Club. I know you all had an early start but enjoyed experience of competition.

Area 15 Dressage Qualifier 7th February 2015
With 2 Junior Teams and 5 Senior teams we had a great day at Area 15 Dressage Competition  in Pencoed. Thank you to Southerndown for running the day. 
Our Junior Red Team were placed 3rdout of 7 teams .I have listed Members individual placing's if placed in first 6. Otherwise listed just scores.  Libby Johnson was 3rd individually in Prelim with 64.5%. Macy Johnson was 4th individually in Prelim with 63.54%. Hannah Davies scored  52.5% and  Martha Matthews 61.34% in the Novice. Team ended on 15 points.
Mynydd Black Junior Team weren’t placed but rode some fab tests. Caitlin Wells scored  59.1% and Erin Bartle scored  55.4%in Prelim. Sam Shillibear was 6th individually in Novice with 62.3%. Hannah Davies scored  55.96% in Novice.
Seniors teams – Mynydd White were placed 6th out of 28 Teams ended on  38 points. Emily Andrews scored 66.25% and Lucy Hamblett  scored  60.41% in Prelim. Tina Phillips scored 68.67% and Amy Daye scored 68.84% in the novice. 
The other senior teams weren’t placed but rode some fab tests. Mynydd Indigo ended on 53 points - Beth Barton scored 63.3% and  Edie Johnson scored 58.3% in Prelim 18. Rachel Corbett scored 67.5% and Debbie Havard  scored 70.51%in Novice . Debbie was placed 4th individually.  
Mynydd Blue team ended on 77 points. Laura James scored 65.4% and Janet Berry scored 59.1% in the Prelim. Nicola Mcnabb scored 60.58% and Eleri Cadreman scored 68.26%in the Novice.
Mynydd Orange ended on 80 points. Emily Andrews rode Vicky Mccarthys horse and scored 70% in Prelim. Emily was placed 6th individually. Sharone Williams scored 63.5% in the Prelim . Nicola Mcnabb scored 60.1% and Sue Beckman scored 62.88% in the Novice. Mynydd Silver ended on  89 points. Nicola Smart scored 63.95% and Dee Hodgson Downs scored 51.87% in the Prelim and Natalie Forde scored 63.46% and Mel Newman scored 65.1% in the novice. Mynydd Crimson ended on 109 points. Amy Daye rode Flo Davies horse and scored 57.5% and Caroline Pound scored 58.33% in the Prelim. Susie Pugh scored 63.46% and Rebecca Coombs Taylor scored 65% in the Novice.  
Thank you to you all for competing on behalf of Mynydd Riding Club 

Lovely day Team Jumping at Talygarn Equestrian Centre December 28th 2014
It certainly was a cold day but fun!...
The Mynydd Marshmallows were eliminated in the 1ft 9 Class as only had 3 riders but there were some great rounds to learn from so that's the important thing. Macy Johnson with Coco had a clear round. Janine Malone with Monkey had 4 faults and although Izzy Davies Emblyn was eliminated she rode with determination and will be a super star one day.
The Mynydd Mice were placed 1st in the 2ft/2ft 3 class finishing on 4 faults.. Macy Johnson and Coco rode C/4. Amanda Daviesrode Roxy with 2 clear rounds. Samantha Dacey rode Treasure C/4.Megan Pippin rode Lily 4/C. Some new partnerships here so fabulous achievement all round!!!!
Mynydd Merrygorounds were placed 4th finishing on 16 faults. Edie Johnson rode Socks 4/8. Janine Malone rode Monkey C/8. Libby Johnson rode Karet with 2 clear rounds. Beth Barton rode Sean 4/C.
Mynydd Magpies only had 3 riders so were unfortunately eliminated but again some great efforts all round. We borrowed a Talygarn Rider Chloe Ellis who rode a clear round. Izzy Davies Emblyn was eliminated but was very unlucky as displayed some good riding. She's very young and shows good determination. Ruth Taylor rode Belle 4 faults.
In the 2ft 3 teams Mynydd were placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th out of 8 teams. Some great rounds. The Mynydd Moonshines finished Clear being placed 2nd. Sue Beckman rode Ted with 2 clear rounds. Cerys Davies rode Prince Charming 8/4. Vicky Emblyn Victoria Davies-Embling rode Paint me proud with 2 clear rounds. Leanne Thomas rode Havana with 2 clear rounds. Fab riding guys!
The Mynydd Minis also finished on clear and were placed 3rd. Caitlin Wells rode Seren with 2 cleear rounds. Elisa Haines rode Cognac with 2 clear rounds. Erin Bartle rode Carrie with 2 clear rounds and Sian White rode Midnight Mist 4/8. Again some tremendous rounds well done! The Mynydd Monsters also finished clear and were placed 4th.Sophie Davies riding Molly rode 2 clear rounds. Libby Johnson riding Karet rode 2 clear rounds. Flo Davies riding Treasure rode 2 clear rounds. Edie Johnson ridimg Socks 4/4. Again fabulous rounds girls! Mynydd Mayhems were placed 5th finishing on 4 faults. Chelsea Davies rode Roxy 4/C. Emily Andrews rode Verdi with 2 clear rounds. Erin Bartle rode Peggy 4/4. Iwan Thomas rode Leo with 2 clear rounds. Fabulous all round guys! In the 2ft 6/9 Class the Mynydd Mexicos were placed 1st out of 5 teams finishing on 4 faults. Sophie Davies riding Molly rode 2 super clear rounds. Flo Davies rode Treasure again with 2 clear rounds. Nicola Smart rode Pilot C/4. Sian White rode Midnight Mist C/4. Fab riding guys! The Mynydd Machines were placed 3rd finishing on 12 faults. Sue Beckman rode Ted C/4. Caitlin Wells rode Seren C/E as she forgot course not because she did some super jumping! Elisa Haines rode Cognac C/4 and Leanne Thomas rode Havana C/4. The Mynydd Martinis rode as a team of 3 and finished on 36 faults. They were placed 4th. Cerys Davies rode Prince Charming 4/8. Emily Andrews rode Verdi C/8. Vicky Davies Emblyn rode Paint me Proud 8/8.
It was a super day. Estelle did her usual Christmas singing ..... I am sure all enjoyed lol. We had some new members competing for us today so hopefully all had an enjoyable time. Happy New Year to all!


Saturday 6th December Mynydd Christmas Horsey Party, on horseback at Pencoed College

What a Fab Mynydd Xmas HORSEY Party! Firstly Caroline Sarah Pound Lynne Johnson and Estelle ran the Dressage section of the day. Some great riding from all members.

Class 1 Prelim 1 - Lorraine Cooke won with Bella Rye. 2nd place went to Liz Hogben with Austin . 3rd place went to Sophie Davies with Molly. 4th place went to Gill Mckenna with Lucy and 5th place went to Laura Hawkins with Prize.

Class 2 Prelim 17 was won by Emily Andrews . 2nd place went to Emma Petty, 3rd place went to Sue Beckman. 4th place went to Beth Barton and 5th place went to Liz Roderick.

The DTM class was judged as a whole although some members rode Prelim and some members rode Novice tests. 1st Place went to Deb Havard with Zak. 2nd place went to Libby Johnson with Karetina. Joint 3rd place went to Macy Johnson with Oscar and Beth Barton with Sean. 5th place went to Edie Johnson with Socks and 6th place went to Sandra Andrews with Finn. The Dressage classes were sponsored by Huw Thomas Saddlery 01656 740391 and Horsey
J W Farriery Cardiff…
TELEPHONE NO 07468539238 . Many thanks to them both.

The SJ Classes were then run by Julia Whittaker and Amy Daye who both did a fab job! The classes were so much fun!

Class 1 was won by Erin Bartle on Peggy. 2nd place went to Hannah Rogers. 3rd place went to Macy Johnson with Oscar. 4th place went to Janine Malone.5th place went to Rhys Smart and 6th to Izzy Emblyn Davies. This was supposed to be a baby class but all jumped fabulously and jumped a good height.

Class 2 was won by Erin Bartle again!!!! She jumped a massive 4ft on the chase me charlie. 2nd place went to Flo Davies who jumped 4ft 3 on the chase me charlie but was pipped by Erin on the five bar grid. 4ft 3 jump. 3rd place went to Libby Johnson who knocked a pole at 3ft 9 jumping 3ft 6. 4th place went to Sandra Andrews and 5th to Cerys Davies who both cleared 3ft 3 - knocking pole at 3ft 6. This class was very competitive. Erin is only 8years old! Watch this space!

Class 3 was won by Sophie Davies who also jumped 4ft 3 on the Chase me charlie! 2nd place went to Susie Pugh. 3rd place went to Vicky Emblyn Davies. 4th place went to Emily Andrews and 5th place went to Maxine Ann Dommett. Another cracking group!

Class 4 was won by Caitlin Wells on Seren who also reached 4ft 3 on the Chase me charlie! There were definitely some big jumps being jumped today! 2nd place went to Jessica Dommett. 3rd to Elisa Haines and 4th to Ellie Jenkins. All these girls jumped beautifully with ease.

Class 5 was won by Sheldon Havard with Jack. 2nd place went to Julia Whittaker. 3rd place went to Hayley Joshua. 4th place went to Leanne Thomas and 5th place went to Catherine Latham. Again this group were very competitive jumping the highest 5 bar grid of the day most of the time with ease! Was a cracking display of riders to watch.

Class 6 was won by Rhianydd Nicola Joanne. 2nd place went to Chelsea Davies. 3rd place went to Carol Brothers and 4th place went to Yvonne 'betty' Lamont. Some great riding throughout. Members reported having a lot of fun. Many thanks to Julia and Amy ensuring everything was safe. These 6 Classes were sponsored by Nicola Hulland from
Rhondda Development company ltd, 239 High Street, Porth, CF39 9AD 01443 6848 and HFS Agricultural Supplies Bridgend 01656 658772. Again much appreciated!

Janine Malone also got sponsorship for all 1st places in the 9 classes from Blue Chip. They gave a £5 discount voucher and a cap to each member who won each class. The CO-OP Pencoed also sponsored the Show by giving chocolates for all helpers and judges. Sponsorship just makes the classes even more fun so big thank you to all! Everyone left with a smile............

Happy Christmas to all Mynydd Members xxxxxxxx

Saturday 15th November Mynydd Horse Live
Fabulous Mynydd Your Horse Live Demo / Show and Stalls day!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all those that rode in demos. You were all amazing. Marina Evans and Sara Cofffin started the day with an interesting demo about What to look for in a Riding Club horse? Emily Andrews and 2 other ladies rode for Marina and were all fantastic.. Vicky Semple then rode whilst talking and explaining her demo on a mic -How to make an unordinary horse extraordinary? It was very informative! Then our Mynydd Members rode their dressage to music tests in fancy dress. Everyone made such an effort to dress up and make it a show. It was Fabulous. Abigail Smart Libby Johnson Macy Johnson Darcy Coates Caitlin Wells Rhian Sarah Carter Deb Havard Amy Daye Sandra Andrews Emily Andrews Joan LeanVicky McCarthy Edie Johnson and Vicky Semple all showed the wow factor . Thank you all! Next Vikki Pengilly Dressage rode her dressage to music routine. It was absolutely amazing! You could hear a pin drop in the audience - it was certainly captivating. Thankyou Vikki. Llangeinor Polocrosse team then gave a demonstration. Luke Bater Alison Bater Sophie Harpin Tilley may Mullens and 2 others (Sorry dont know names) rode a fantastic game. They were so fast and so interesting to watch. Thank you so much for attending. Then Tom Tomos Garbett-Davies gave a demonstration to show how he can treat a horse. Thank you Tom it was very informative and interesting. At the end of the day the Talygarn Vaulters gave a walk pair and canter display. This was a great display and it is amazing what these girls can do on horseback. Rhi Hill Sophie Jones Libby Johnson Beth Davies Ellie Marie Abbie and Taylor - you are all amazing - Well done! To finish Ann Peate with Julia Whittaker gave a demonstration on Simulated XC using show jumps. This was fantastic. Ann rode very well jumping some difficult fences and making it look easy.Sharone Williams run the lower arena with all the stalls and reported how fab the day went. Thank you to all Stall holders for coming. Our mynydd members made cakes pasties rolls to sell - all home made. Too many of you to mention but a big thank you to you all too! I had soo many people express how they enjoyed the event and express thanks to everyone involved in running, riding and giving demos. Thank you all.

Team Show Jumping at Talygarn on 29th October 2014
Great Team Jumping at Talygarn today, Great Team spirit!
The Mynydd Marshmallows were placed 6th in the 1ft 9 Team. Team consisted of Sue Aldridge with Cirxus C/C, Macy Johnson with Oscar 4/C, Nadine Lamont with Annie C/C and Izzy Davies Emblyn with Crumpet 4/4. It was Macys and Izzys aged 9 first SJ Show so a great achievement all round.
The Mynydd Merits were placed 5th in the 2ft team. Team consisted of Macy Johnson riding Oscar E, Amanda Davies riding Buttface 8/C, Sue Aldridge riding Crixus 4/4 and Nadine Lamont riding Annie 4/C. The Mynydd Magpies were placed 3rd in the 2ft Team. Gemma Hale C/4, Carol Brothers riding Missy C/C, Izzy Davies Emblyn  E/4 and Sandra Andrews 4/4. Again both Izzy and Macy did very well riding a bigger course for the first time. Both rode with enthusiasm and determination. Fab results by all in teams. The Mynydd Moonbeams were placed 6th in the 2ft 3 Class. The Team consisted of Sue Beckman C/C , Caroline Pound 4/8, Vicky Davies Emblyn 4/4 and Rhian Carter  C/ 8.
Mynydd Madonnas were placed 5th in the 2ft 3 class. The Team consisted of Sandra Andrews C/C , Jess Dommett C/E, Carol Brothers 4/8 and Vicky Mccarthy C/8.
The Mynydd Minis were placed 3rd in the 2ft 3 Team. The team consisted of Caitlyn Wells C/C, Darcy Coates C/4, Beth Barton 8/8 and Sian White 4/C. Sian is a new member - very nice to have you on team Mynydd! The rest of Riders rode some fab rounds - Well done.
The Mynydd Machines were placed 1st in the 2ft 6. Great Achievement Guys !!!!! Sue Beckman riding Ted C/8 Jump off time 28.81. Caitlyn Wells riding Seren C/C Jump off time 30.13. Darcy Coates riding Beauty C/C Jump off time 24.43. Leanne Thomas riding Havana C/C Jump off time 37.66. Some great riding and fab jump off rounds. Pleasure to watch!!!!!
Mynydd Marbles were placed 3rd in the 2ft 6 Class. Team consisted of Vicky Mccarthy E, Jess Dommett C/C , Caroline Pound C/12 and Vicky Emblyn Davies 4/8. Some great rounds here.
Good competitve spirit. Overall it was a lovely day! I always love the fact our Members support each other what ever the outcome.
Next one 28/12/14 I will text nearer the time to see who is available. Any one wanting to join the fun is very welcome.

Fab Dressage and Dressage to Music Show 27th September 2014 at Pencoed College!

Many thanks to Olwen Williams and Jan Evans for judging. Both super!! 
Many thanks to all helpers, writers and Catering members who gave up free time to help run the show. Great atmosphere all day! 
Thank you also to Sharon Neal who came and helped again with the DTM. Very kind we will get you a box of chocs!tIt was very much appreciated. 
Lastly big thanks to Robinsons who sponsored our dressage classes and DTM classes. Its always nice to have prizes and this was very generous.  
In the Lead rein Class Walk Trot A 1st place went to Kara Lean on Billi with 64.7%. 2nd place went to Chloe Lean  with 61.9% and 3rd place went to Jarad Blowers with 60.6% . 
In the Junior Walk trot test A 1st place went to Rebecca James on Indie with 54.8% and 2nd place went to Hannah Povey on Pippin with 51.7%. 
In the senior Walk trot test A class 1st place was awarded to Rachel Thomas on Penstacan Elijah with 67.6%. 2nd place went to Hayley Brewis on Rascasse with 61.3%. 3rd place went to Sarah Davies on Phoebe with 61.1% and 4th place went to Laura Clarke with Easter Surprise with 54.2%.
 In the Junior Prelim 7 Class Erin Bartle was awarded 1st place with Caebryn Carrie and 60.7%. 
In the Senior Prelim 7 Class 1st place was awarded to Ceri Anstee on Calliaghskan Nakisha with 67%. 2nd place went to Vicky Vicki Tipples with Frankie with 66.5%. 3rd place went to Rachel Thomas with Penstacan Elijah with 65.25%. 4th place went to Nicola Ford on Song in my heart with 63.25%. 5th place went to Rachel Thomas on Sherkhan with 62.7%. 6th place went to Janet Berry on Snoppy Loopy with 60.8%. 
In the Junior Prelim 14 Class 1st was Macy Johnson on Oscar with 69.8%. 2nd was Joel Hill on Scarnagh Lad with 67.5% and 3rd place went to Abigail Smart with Frosty and 60.2%. 
In the Senior Prelim 14 Class 1st place went to Emily Andrews with 71.3%. 2nd place went to Vicki Tipples on Frankie with 70.9%. 3rd place went to  Suzie Pugh on Minty with 70.7%. 4th place went to Rachel Thomas  on Sherkhan with 70.2%. 5th place went to Katie Green A perfect Storm and 69.8%.6th place went to Ceri Anstee on Calligahskan Nakisha with 69.7%. 
In the Senior Novice 24 class 1st place was awarded to Katie Green on A perfect Storm with 69.3%. 2nd place was awarded to Gemma Cooper on Shanara with 66%. 3rd place went to Abbie Taylor on Poppy with 65.4%. 4th place went to Kirsty Lloyd on Cody with 62.3% and 5th place went to Vicky Semple Mr Charles with 59.7% and 6th place went to Ruth Taylor and Bella with 54.5%.
Libby Johnson then did a Prelim 17 H/C as it was a warm up class at Championship . Olwen gave her some sound advice ready for the DTM Championships. 
Then we started the DTM Classes. In the Prelim DTM 1st place went to Libby Johnson on Karetina with 73.4%. 2nd place went to Caitlin Wells on Seren with 61.7%. 3rd place went to Abigail Smart on Frosty with 56.7%. 
In the Junior Novice DTM MacyJohnson was 1st on Oscar with 70.6%. In the Senior Novice DTM Deb Havard and Zak were placed 1st with 77.8%. Edie Johnson on Zak was 2nd with 72.3%. 3rd place went to Sandra Andrews on Huckleberry Finn with 71.7% and 4th went to Rhian Carter on Polo Sring Edition with 69.5%. 
In the Elementary test Emily Andrews was 1st with Huckleberry Finn. 
The both Judges complimented the standard of dressage in todays show! All riders should be proud as there were some lovely tests and DTM routines. Abigail Smart competed today age 7 years old in Prelim 14 and Prelim DTM and rode beautifully. 
As a Club we encourage youngsters to take up Dressage and Dressage to Music has certainly helped kinder this interest. Erin Bartle another young Junior has expressed interest. This is very pleasing !!!!!!!! Amanda Louise Birch has been great helping us with DTM Music as has Vicky Semple with routines. Libbys new DTM music for Championship is Fab thank you Amanda!!!!!. Julia Whittaker who helps run Club hasnt seen some of the DTM routines and expressed how fabulous they all looked. I was asked when next Dressage Show will be? Hopefully soon .................. Certainly when the day was as enjoyable and successful it encoursges us to arrange another!


The diary of a Camp Virgin


Although, I have been a member of Mynydd RC for more years than I care to think about, I have never been to Camp. Every year I have heard of the great camaraderie, making of new friends and the sheer pleasure of spending four consecutive days with like-minded people and of course your horse. But I have never been and this was my first year, and I have to say losing my Camp Virginity was a wonderful experience!

We arrived at Pontispool on Saturday evening, after a perfectly timed journey, to a hive of activity. 43 horses were being bedded down and adjusting to their new surroundings. People were busily filling haynets, water buckets and mixing feeds. Everyone was greeting each other with sunny smiles and friendly conversation.

The ‘Pyle ladies’, who are always an inspiration to us all with their banter, humour and positive outlook had named their cabin “The Guernos Estate”. Brilliant, I could tell we were in for a fun weekend.

Saturday morning dawned with the threat of showers but nothing could dampen my spirits, my first hour was show jumping, followed by an hour on the cross country course. I had met my instructor previously at Mynydd clinics and already admired her attitude towards training horses and she didn’t disappoint. She provided me with a very simple solution to my ex-racers tendency to pick up speed the further he progresses around a course of show jumps, which I could instantly put into practice.

Our group then set off out on the cross country course. Pontispool is in a fabulous location with such a variety of terrain and jumps and water complexes, there really is something for everyone. We started in the schooling field, having all negotiated a ditch and a tyre jump, we were all ‘safe’ to go out on to the main course. My horse has had a ‘light bulb’ moment about cross country recently and it was great to reinforce his confidence over different jumps. We then moved on to tackle some steps going up, which he hadn’t really worked out how to do, still trying to take off with one hind leg rather than pushing off with two together. Again, my instructor had the perfect answer and suddenly he cottoned on to how to jump up a series of steps and we were away.

Back in for another filling and tasty lunch provided by Trevor and we were soon out again with the horses to run through our dressage test that we were going to do in the final day’s competition and a quick round over the show jumps.

Monday gave us another day to put into practice what we had learned the day before and to challenge ourselves over some of the bigger fences on the cross country. I was made up with my horse taking on and clearing with ease a big steeplechase type fence, for a minute I thought I was back on the race track. When Erin, age 8, came along and cleared a very similar sized fence on her 11hh pocket rocket pony, I realised that it perhaps wasn’t so impressive but still it gave me a tremendous feeling of achievement.

That evening was our last night and we sat up talking in her beds like we were a group of girls from a Josephine Pullein-Thompson novel. And I realised that I was at pony club camp, it was just I’d taken 43 years to get there.

Great day at Sapey with Mynydd Riding Club. Caitlin Wells competed in the Junior 80 section. She scored 48 dressage clear S8j and Xc. Had 8.4 time faults xc so finished on 56.4. Although not placed fab result! We entered 2 teams in the 80 Senior Section. Mynydd Crimson team consisted of Emily Andrews - She scored 34.5 dressage clear Sj 20 faults xc and 10 xc time faults so finished on 64.5. Natalie... Webb - she scored 32 dressage clear Sj and xc and 6.4 xc time faults so finished on 38.4. Nat was placed 4th as an individual. Fab result! Nicola Smart - she scored 46 dressage clear Sj and xc and 2.4 xc time faults so finished on 48.4. Natalie Forde withdrew. This team were placed 3rd overall well done to you all. The other team Mynydd Indigo consisted of Wendy Edwards who scored 44 dressage 8f Sj clear xc with no time faults!!!! Ended on a score of 52. Edie Johnson who scored 48 dressage clear Sj and xc and 17.2 xc time faults so finished on score 65.2. Sophie Davies who scored 46.5 dressage clear Sj 20 faults xc and 4.4 time xc faults so finished on score 70.9. Ellie Edwards withdrew. This team weren't placed but all had fab results. We then entered 2 80 individuals Vicky McCarthy who had 53.5 dressage 9faults Sj and eliminated xc . Nicola McNabb who had 41 dressage 4 faults Sj and eliminated xc . Well done both . We then entered 2 individuals in 90. Jodie Pearn scored 39 dressage 4 faults Sj clear xc with no time faults. Ended on a score of 43. Keeley Hewitt scored 36.5 dressage clear Sj clear Xc 14 xc time faults ended on score 50.5. Both not placed but fab results. 

Great Team Show Jumping at Talygarn. Thank you to Chris and Steve for hosting a friendly day. As usual our members pulled together and well done to everyone who competed. Our 1 ft 9 team Mynydd Marshmallows consisted of Betty Lamont, Holly Sansom, Megan Jeffries and Vicky Emblyn Davies. They ended on 12f and were placed 4 th and all rode some superb rounds. Our 2 ft teams - Mynydd Merits ...consisting of Megan Jeffries, Cerys Davies, Holly Sansom and Vicky Davies . This team ended on 8f and were placed 5th. The Mynydd Magpies ended on 12f and were placed 6th. The team consisted of Leanne Thomas, Erin Bartle, Sue Aldridge and Beth Barton. Our 2 ft 3 teams - Mynydd Madonnas consisted of Rhian Carter, Vicky McCarthy Caitltn Wells and Maxine Dommett. They finished on 4 f and were placed 2nd. The Mynydd Moonbeams also finished on 4f and were placed 3rd. This team consisted of Cerys Davies, Erin Bartle, Sophie Davies and Sue Beckman. The Mynydd Missions finished on 12f and although weren't placed jumped some great rounds! The team consisted of Iwan Thomas Bartle, Beth Barton, Chelsea Davies and Sandra Andrews. Well done Iwan having 2 double clears. Our 2 ft 6 teams the Mynydd Marbles and Mynydd Machines battled for 1st place. The Mynydd Marbles finished on Clear and were placed 1st. The team consisted of Maxine Dommett, Iwan Thomas Bartle, Natalie Webb and Vicky McCarthy. Fab result congrats to all! The Mynydd Machines finished on 4f and were placed 2nd. The team consisted of Rhian Carter, Caitlyn Wells, Sue Beckman and Emily Andrews. Great result! The Mynydd Movers finished on 28f and were placed 4th. This team consisted of Chelsea Davies, Sophie Davies, Abbie Taylor and Nicola Mcnabb. Thank you to everyone who competed. You all rode superb and I enjoy organising such a lovely bunch of people.

Congratulations to all our members who competed today in the Area SJ at Pencoed. Our juniors came 2nd out of 7 teams. The team members are all very young and all competing at area level for the first time. Erin Bartle, Iwan Thomas Bartle, Caitlyn Wells and Megan Donnan all jumped super rounds. The Juniors have now qualified for the Championships on the 30th March!
Our Senior Teams were also fantastic! There were a total of 19 Senior Teams. 3 teams from other clubs jumped off to secure 1st-3rd places all ending on 8 faults . Our Mynydd white team consisting of Maxine Dommett, Emily Andrews, Vicky McCarthy and Natalie Webb finished on 12 faults and were placed 4th. Well done girls! Our Mynydd Red Team consisting of Edie Johnson, Sophie Davies, Flo Davies and Wendy Edwards finished on 20 faults. They weren't placed but jumped some super rounds. Our Mynydd Black Team consisting of Hayley Joshua, Sue Beckman, Nicola Smart and Jodie Pearn rode as a team if 3 as Nic hurt her back. They finished on 24 faults. They also weren't placed but jumped some great rounds. Congratulations to Megan Donnan and Natalie Webb who jumped 2 Clear rounds. We have a fab club, it was great to see team support and everyone helping each other. A lovely day! Thank you to Southerndown for hosting Competition it ran very well and on time.

Team Jumping at Talygarn 29th December 2013


We had a lovely day at Talygarn. Mynydd Monsters consisting of Carol Brothers, Louise Williams and Erin Bartle ended on 8 faults and were placed 4th in the 1'9. Erin had double clears and a very fast Jump off time! Well done. Mynydd Mice consisting of Jess Hayes Vicky McCarthy, Gemma Hughes and Cerys Davies weren't placed but were all fab! Well done to Vicky having clear round.

In the 2ft3/6 Mynydd Motorbikes consisting of Tyler Perring, Sue Beckman, Edie Johnson and Emily Andrews finished on clear and were placed 2nd. Well done all tremendous rounds! Mynydd Madonnas consisting of Vicky McCarthy, Cerys Davies, Caitlin Wells and Rhian Carter finished on 8 faults and were placed 6th. Caitlin and Rhian both having double Clears. Mynydd Menaces consisting of Carol Brothers, Maxine Dommett, Jess Hayes and Louise Williams weren't placed but all rode very well. Carol and Maxine both had double clears - fab result! In the 2 ft6/9 it was a tight competition! Mynydd Machines consisting of Rhian Carter, Sue Beckman, Emily Andrews and Caitlin Wells were placed 1st - Wowsa!!!!!! Team finished on clear. Mynydd Motors consisting of Maxine Dommett, Iwan Thomas Bartle, Darcy Coates and Nicola Smart finished on 4 faults and were placed 3 rd. Maxine and Nicola rode double clears well done. Mynydd Mambas consisting of Molly Groves, Tyler Perrin, Emily Groves and Edie Johnson Also finished on 4 faults and were placed 4 th. Emily and Molly had double clears. Fab team spirit - it was a fab day and thank you to Chris and Steve at Talygarn for putting on teams . 


Senior Dressage Alps 2.11.13

Mynydd Red Team - consisted of Hannah James Cath Latham Abbie Taylor and Lucy Hamblett.

Hannah and Cath rode the prelim 7 tests. Hannah was unable to ride her own horse, so at the last minute decided to ride Lucy's horse Moss. She scored 67% and was placed 9th. There were 38 Riders in the Prelim test so Hannah did extremely well - well done! Cath was a late replacement to the team and scored 60.5%. Well done!

Lucy and Abbie rode the Novice 30 tests. Lucy scored 63.8% and was placed 14th individually. Fab result! Abbie agreed to ride a second horse in this team as a replacement. Abbie scored 58.8%. Well done! The weather was absolutely appalling and all the girls warmed up in very wet windy conditions. They all gave great performances and made Mynydd Riding Club proud! They weren't placed in the top 6 but with so many teams in competition, should be proud of their results.

Mynydd Black Team - consisted of Anna Evans Ceri Booth Abbie Taylor and Nicola Mcnabb. Anna and Ceri rode the Prelim test 7 and Abbie and Nicola rode the Novice test 30. Anna Scored 65% and was placed 14th. A great achievement!!!! Ceri scored 63.2% a respectable score .

Abbie scored 60.4% a great score and Nicola scored 57%.Well done! Again the Team weren't placed but even so rode some lovely tests. Thank you to Lucy Hamblett agreed to be Team Manager and said Everyone rode really well despite the bad weather.

Thank you to Riders 2000 - Claire Rooney especially for coping with all the changes. Unfortunately Horses are unpredictable and we can never guarantee they will be ready to play when we are. Well done to all Riders!

British Riding clubs national Championships at Lincolnshire show ground 7th September 2013


After successfully qualifying at the area qualifiers, Tessa Bannister, Rhian Carter and Emily Andrews went to the championships in Lincoln. 

Tessa and Rhian competing in the pair’s dressage and Emily riding Huckleberry Finn in Novice 24.  Emily rode a beautiful test on the day against stiff competition and came 14th in her arena. 

Tessa and Rhian had to make up their own test incorporating certain moves. With a last minute substitution thanks to another of our members Non for lending Cas to the girls as unfortunately Tess' horse Moss was lame prior to the championships and had to have Bute and antibiotics which are controlled substances and can't be taken for a few weeks leading up to any affiliated competition. 

Phoebe and Cas went well together, despite the slight size difference with Phoebe at 16.1 and Cas at 15.1hh! They rode a lovely test together and came 12th. 

The girls had a fabulous weekend away and were accompanied by a support crew Sandra Andrews, Vicky McCarthy, Isobel Bannister, BBQ Dave (Rhian's boyf!) and Tony Hill driving his luxury 18tonne lorry. They returned very motivated to qualify again next year. 

If you are interested in competing with club at the area qualifiers in a team or as an individual in novice (80cm junior’s 85cm seniors) intermediate (95-100cm) or open (110cm) show jumping, style jumping (85cm), riding tests, prelim, novice, elementary or pair’s dressage, team of four or team of 6 dressage please get in touch. 


The next area qualifiers are the winter dressage at Alps on the 2/3rd November 2013. The championships will be held at Hartpury on the 29th and 30th March 2014. The tests are prelim 7 and novice 30. Two members of the team to ride each test. Teams being organised now!



Area Dressage Qualifier 21st July

Mynydd had a very successful day at Leominster the prelim red team came 2nd (Beth Barton, Rhian Carter, Tessa Bannister and Natalie Forde). Prelim Black Team did amazingly to attend with forgotten passports, fly bites and lame ponies!! (Natalie Forde, Kath Griffiths, Sue Beckman and Amy Brookes). The Pairs red team WON!! (Rhian Carter and Tessa Bannister) and qualify for championship in September. The Riding test team came 3rd (Rhian Carter, Tessa Bannister, Natalie Forde, Aileen Dooley). The Open team came 4th (Ellie Edwards, Wendy Edwards, Aileen Dooley and Emily Andrews) we also had riders competing as individuals and unaffiliated who did a great job (Sandra Edwards, Beth Barton, Kath Griffiths and Natalie Forde) well done all and thank you for representing your club.

Great day for Mynydd at Sapey 27th May 2013

Affiliated 80cm Team placed 2nd, Darcy McGing Dude, Hannah James Luther King 11 and Yvonne Walton Bonnie XV11, Fab result well done all. Hannah James was placed 6th as individual. Our Affiliated 90cmTeam, Wendy Edwards Cousin Charlie, Kath Griffiths Intertemperance, Natalie Webb Mountain Sprite and Natalie Forde Murphy were placed 6th . Well done all. Affiliated 100 cm Individuals, Rhian Carter Crimson Charisma was 1st and Barbara Coles Besos was 2nd. Beth Barton rode in the affiliated 80 cm and Debbie Havard in the 90cm affiliated, both enjoyed their first one day event experience and have some positives to go away with. Our unaffiliated entries Edie Johnson, Caitlyn Coles, Megan Coles and Libby Johnson all did fab . Isobel Bannister was placed 6th as an individual entry in the unaffiliated 80 cm this was her first one day on moss. Well done to all competitors. Must say a big thankyou to Emily Andrews, Vicky McCarthy, Sharonne Williams, Sophie Davies, Nathan Johnson, Sarah Ellis and Julia Whittaker
For all giving up their day to help run the dressage section of the event. Without support on the ground these events can not go on .  



Great Result for Emily at Windsor 8th May 2013


Congratulations to Emily Andrews and her horse Huckleberry Finn on coming 4th out of 26 in the Royal Windsor Horse Show in the Senior BRC dressage championships. Emily rode in the qualifier for Mynydd RidingClub and came 1st in her class. Emily has put in a lot of practice for the championships and it paid off with getting such a great result. Well done to you both.


Club Combined Training Show 13th April 2013

Fab training show today at club. Thanks to all our sponsors and all the volunteers who helped. The show ran very smoothly and we had great feedback.
Mynydd Walk Trot test 1st Elisa Haines . 2nd Julia Whittaker 3rd Caitlyn Wells
Combined Mynydd Walk trot with 1ft 9 Show Jumping - senior 1st Julia Whittaker 2nd Julie Fry 3rd Nicola Smart. Junior 1st Caitlyn Wells 2nd Libby Johnson 3rd Edie Johnson.
Prelim 1 dressage 1st Sian Humphreys 2nd Sandra Andrews 3rd Izzy Bannister
Prelim 1 combined with 2ft 3 show jumping: Senior 1st Sandra Andrews 2nd Beth Barton 3rd Sian Humphreys
Junior 1st Libby Johnson 2nd Edie Johnson 3rd Caitlyn Wells.
Prelim 14 dressage . 1 st Emily Andrews. 2nd Adele Phillips 3 rd Hannah James .
Prelim. 14 combined with 2 ft 6. Senior 1st Emily Andrews 2 nd Adele Phillips 3rd Hannah James. Junior 1st Phillipa Roe 2nd Claudia Greaves 3rd Megan Coles.
Novice 27 dressage 1st Julie Tarney 2nd Lucy Hamblett 3rd Natalie Forde.
Combined Novice 27 with 3ft Jumping senior 1st Julie Tarney 2nd Julia Whittaker and 3rd Natalie Forde
Well done everyone!

Area 15 Festival of the Horse Qualifier 7th April 2013
Well done to all competitors that rode for Mynydd RidingClub today at Foth competition at Alps . In the novice senior section we entered 8 teams and 3 individuals . There were in excess of 45 riders in this section . Katherine Griffiths was placed 2nd and Barbara Coles was placed 5 th as individuals which is a great achievement well done both !!!!!!!! Our Mynydd Red team was placed 6 th overall. T...his consisted of Rhian Carter who had 4 sj faults and 9.4 xc time faults finishing on 13.4. Barbara Coles who had 4 sj faults and 1.6 xc time faults finishing on 5.6. Darcy McGing who had 8 sj faults and withdrew xc as had a fall so was eliminated. Stacey Forde who had 4 sj faults 20 xc faults and 16 xc time faults finishing on 40. Our Mynydd Black team was placed 5 th overall. Kath Griffiths had 1 sj fault and 1.6 xc time faults finishing on 2.6. Sue Beckman withdrew as horse not jumping correctly . Natalie Webb had 4 sj faults and 6 xc time faults finishing on 10. Wendy Edwards had 20 xc faults and 14.4 time faults finishing on 34.4. Our Individuals Aileen Rose Dooley had 8.4 time faults finishing on 8.4. Debbie Havard had 13 sj faults and 18 xc time faults finishing on 31. Hannah James had 9 sj faults and 9.2 xc time faults finishing on 18.2. Our junior Emily Groves had 20 xc penalty faults and 23.2 time faults finishing on 43.2. You all rode brilliantly - well fine to Emily Groves Aileen Dooley and Wendy Edwards on a clear sj round . Thanks to supporters who came . Big thanks to Richard Conway and Nick Coles in working hard to make course ready Riders 2000 for running competition and all our members who helped fence judging . Edie Johnson Beth Barton Sian Humphries and Elaine Humphreys Maxine Dommett and gill . Julia Whittaker was official steward did fab job as always !!!! A lovely day xxxx

Fantastic day at Hartpury College for Show Jumping championships.
On the 30th March 2013 our 4 riders finished 6 th out 30 teams - a massive achievement!!!!!! Well done to you all. Adele Phillips rode Out of this way first and had double clears. A fantastic partnership and brilliant result well done. Then Hayley Joshua rode Halland. Hayley had a great clear on first round and 4 faults on second . Beautifully ridden rounds well ! Next to go was Stacey Forde riding Murphy who had a clear first round and 4 faults on second . Again Stacey looked and rode beautifully - well done! Last to go was Amy Daye riding Butterfree. Amy rode as always brilliantly and also had a clear first round and 8 faults second round. Dee Hodgson - down , Julia Whittaker , Estelle Johnson , Edie Johnson, Amy Brooke's , Jeanette Brooks , Alison Forde, Natalie Forde and Dale Adeles better half all attended to support our team and cheer them on. A great day thank you to all 4 riders for representing Mynydd Riding Club and all supporters

The Race Night on 8th March 2013 was a Fab success, thank you to all who supported us. We now have almost enough money to order our jumps and trailer!

Area 15 Dressage Qualifier 24th March 2013 Pencoed
Well done to all competitors that rode for Mynydd club at area dressage competition today. Our junior team were placed 2nd as a team and consisted of Libby Johnson placed 3rd ind 62.9% Nathan Johnson placed 6 th ind 59.16% in the Prelim test and Hannah Davies placed 6 th 61.6% and Tom Davies placed 2nd with 66.2% in novice test. These children are very young Libby only 9 Hannah 10 and the boys 14.... They rode brilliantly well done to you all! Our senior teams weren't placed but there were some great individual scores and placings . There were 36 riders in prelim and 36 riders in novice so a lot of competition. In the Prelim test Sharonne Williams and Adele Phillips was placed 11 th ind with score 63.33% . Sophie Davies was placed 16 th with score 61.66% . Emma Lord was placed 23rd with score 56.25%. Wendy Edwards was placed 29 th with score 54.16% and Sue Beckman was placed 32nd with 52.5%. Some of you competed on young horses some for the first time so all of you should be proud . Thankyou Wendy for stepping in at last minute. In the novice test Amy Daye was placed 7 th with 66.6 %. Lucy Hamblett placed 12 th with 64.6%. Emily Lay placed 17 th with 62.9%.Lisa Hooper and Emily Andrews placed 21 st with 61.2% and Rhian Carter placed 28 th with 59.1%. All these scores were very good so well done to you all. Thankyou all for riding for our club and supporting each other through day.

Mynydd Christmas Show 2012

The show was a great success. Thank you to Julia Whittaker who judged the show jumping and Elaine Burt who judged the dressage. Both kindly gave up their time to club which was greatly appreciated.

We were very lucky to have our classes sponsored by Robinsons Caerphilly , Coop Pencoed and Wasslebubble . Thank you to them for their kindness .

Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left with a great sense of achievement . This show was a fun club event aimed at giving our members a platform for other events in the future. Here are the results:

Class 1 Jumping
1 st Gill McKenna
2nd Betty lamont
3 rd  Carol Brothers
4 th Angela

Class 2
1 st Caitlin Wells
2nd Dan Ellis
3 rd Erin Hodges
4 th Catrin Jones

Class 3
1 st Adele Phillips
2nd Wendy Edwards
3 rd Sian Humphries
4 th Rhian Carter
5 th Ellie Edwards

Class 4
1 st Sophie Davies
2nd Emma Barnes
3 rd Claudia Greaves
4 th Hannah James
5 th  Flo Davies

Class 5
1 st Maxine Dommett
2nd Susie Pugh
3rd Edie Johnson
4th Rob Draper

Class 7
1 st Tatum Bolt
2nd Libby Johnson
3 rd Harry Bolt

Class 7
1st Hayley Joshua
2nd Sandra Andrews
3rd Vicky McCarthy
4 th Emily Andrews

Class 8  walk trot test
1 st Rhian Carter
2 nd Emma Petty
3 rd Mo Evans
4 th Lydia
5 th Phillipa Hawkins

Class 9 prelim 4
1 st Chelsea Davies
2 nd Joan
3 rd Liz Roderick
4 th Holly Davies

Class 10 novice 24
1 st  Lucy Hamblett
2 nd Isobel Bannister

Area 15 Lecture Demo with Partick Print 17th of November 2012

We hosted a training day and lecture demo at Pencoed College with Patrick Print FBHS OBE. The day was well attended, all of the riders enjoyed and so did the audience.


Mynydd Riding Club Team Show Jumping at Talygarn on the 30th of October 2012


Our 1 ft 9 team consisted of Carol Brothers riding Little Missy,  Betty Lamont riding Annie, Amanda Davies riding Merlin and Louise Williams riding Billy. The team were placed 5th. All riders rode superb! This is the first jumping competition for some of these ladies and they all showed tremendous team spirit and determination.
Our 2 ft team consisted of Rob Draper riding Marley, Camille Wilson Jenkins riding Sally Fay, Emily Andrews riding Flicka, Vicky Davies riding Harvey. This team consisted of some new riders and some new rider/ horse combinations. Well done to you all for fabulous efforts.
We entered three 2 ft 3 teams. Mynydd Maniacs consisted of Rhian Carter riding Billy Brown, Libby Johnson riding Tysgubor Heather, Vicky McCarthy riding Jess and Emily Andrews riding Flicka. This proved to be a great team being placed 3rd out of 9 teams! Rhian and Billy had a very fast jump off round which helped the team secure place. Well done to you all. 

Mynydd Madams competing in the 2ft 3 consisted of Sue Beckman riding Ted, Sandra Andrews riding Huckleberry Finn, Harry Bolt riding Toby, Chelsea Davies riding Winston . Wow this team really pulled some fast jump off times . Harry Bolt rode an extremely fast time and the team were placed 2nd out of 9 teams. Well done to you all.
Our final 2 ft 3 team, Mynydd consisted of Tyler Perring riding Twister, Hannah James riding Luther King II, Kelly Brothers riding Little Missy and Vicky Davies riding Harvey. This team consisted of new horse / rider combinations and some late replacements, although weren't placed all rode brilliantly .
We entered two 2ft 6 teams. Our first 2 ft 6 team consisted of Rhian Carter riding Billy, Hannah James riding Luther King II, Adele Phillips riding Out of This Way and Sue Beckman riding ted. The team ended on 4 faults and rode some fast jump offs and were placed 3rd out of 6 teams.
Our second 2 ft 6 team consisted of Amy Daye riding Butter Free, Libby Johnson riding Tysgubor Heather, Tatum Bolt riding Sweetpea and Emily Andrews riding Huckleberry Finn. Again a fantastic team ending on 4 faults being placed 4th out of 6 teams.

All teams showed great team spirit supporting each other and making it an enjoyable experience for all despite some horrendous weather. Although very wet everyone was smiling and made our club proud!

BRC National Championships 2012

Mynydd riding club qualified for the novice team dressage this year at the BRC national championships at Lincoln. This is the 1st time Mynydd have qualified with a dressage team.
The team consisted of Rhian Carter riding Crimson Charisma stable name Phoebe, Amy Daye riding Butterfree stable name Butters, Tessa Bannister riding Papillion stable name Leo and Non Davies riding Cloigyn Charlie stable name Cas.
Each rider rode prelim 14 as an individual and their scores contributed to the team.
The team also decided to enter the team of four dressage, all in the arena at once! With two practices together to team set off to Lincoln!
With the support of Izzy the number 1 caller, BBQ Dave and Tony and his luxury lorry it was a Fab weekend for camping. Despite a sleepless night and deflated air beds the team were ready for action!
Butters in her debut appearance, a stand in for George who's sadly lame, kept her head and rode a lovely test. Leo being 28 years old and Cas at 24 took it all in their stride, showing the youngsters how it's done! Phoebe was as calm as a cucumber having been to Lincoln for the last 2 years jumping, she must have though that she's tired of the long journey so thought she'd pull it out the bag for mum this time and scored an unbelievable 10 for her centre line! She must have thought she was going home, only to turn and do some more circles!
The team test went very very well considering all 2 hours practice and all 4 horses thinking it was team chasing and not team dressage! Butters led the way and Phoebe managed not to overtake! Leo always the calming influence while Cas at the back with the smallest legs kept up well!
At the end of the day when the results came in it was a shock to find Rhian and Phoebe winning arena 8, and the team of four coming a very proud 12th. Well done all!

The Fun Ride on the 2nd of September went well, was very well attended and the Pizza went down a treat! Thank you all who came along and to those who helped out.


Area 15 Dressage Qualifier 23rd June 2012 at Howick Farm

Mynydd teams were brilliant and the club had a great day! Our senior prelim teams consisted of Mynydd Black Team: Emily Andrews riding Huckleberry Finn, Sue Bater riding Daddy's Gift , Rhian Carter riding Billy Brown and Vicky Tipples riding Dream Machine 11. This team came 4 th overall and sue Bater was placed 2nd as an individual in ring 4a. Well done to you all. Our Mynydd Red Team consisted of Tessa Bannister riding Papillion, Non Davies riding Cloigyn Charlie , Rhian Carter riding Crimson Charisma, and Amy Daye riding George were placed 1st overall and will now represent Area 15 in the British Riding Clubs National Championships in Lincoln on the 15th of September. Great performances by all!! Tessa was placed 1st as individual and Non 2nd in ring 4. Amy was also placed 6 th as individual in ring 4a. Good luck yo you all in the championships!!
The seniors also entered the Riding Test team for the first time. This team consisted of Amy Daye riding George, Rhian Carter riding Crimson Charisma, Emily Andrews riding Huckleberry Finn and Sue Bater riding Daddy's Gift. Emily Andrews and Sue Bater rode the Novice Riding test 11, Emily was placed an individual 3rd . Rhian Carter and Amy Daye rode the Advanced Riding Test 13, with Rhian placed an individula 6th. The team were placed 4th overall, not bad for our 1st riding test experience! Well done to you all again!
We entered 2 juniors as individuals. Libby Johnson rode Merlin in the prelim 14 and Novice Riding Test 11, being placed 4 th in the prelim 14 and 5th in the riding test. Libby is only just 9 years old competing against older children up to 18 yeats. She has been a member of mynydd club since she was 4 years old and her success proves our club has been a valuable teaching ground. Libby also rode Tysgabor and Nathan Johnson rode  Boy Barney as individuals in the prelim 14 class. Both did very well.

Julia Whittaker our secretary was not riding for us, but did a fabulous job as the Official Steward for the day.

Well done and thank you everyone who competed and helped out!


Now for the fund raising to support our Serior Novice Dressage team go to the British Riding Clubs National Championships in Lincoln, 15th 16th September 2012!


Area Show Jumping qualifier 17th June 2012 in Hereford
Our Junior team consisted of Emily groves riding The Northman, Claudia Greaves riding Cead Ahaon, Edie Johnson riding Mickey Finn at Crossdrum and Nathan Johnson on Big Boy Barney were placed 4th as a team. Emily had a lovely clear round. Claudia And Nathan rode well.  Edie had technical issues which she later overcame with the help of our secretary Julia Whittaker.
Libby Johnson rode in the style jumping. Despite the fact that she fell she had some good scores and rode beautifully .
Rhian Carter and Crismson Sharisma rode a beautiful style jumping course and was placed 2nd in the seniors. Well done Rhian.
The senior novice team all rode very well. Adele Phillips rode Out of this way, Emily Andrews rode Huckleberry Finn, Vicky McCarthy rode Bess and Sian Humphries rode Breeze. Adele rode a superb clear round.  They all rode very well. They weren't placed but thoroughly enjoyed day! 

Our senior intermediate team were placed 3rd. Julia Whittaker riding Time Flight came an individual second, Tessa Bannister riding Papillion, Rhian Carter riding Crison Charisma and Lisa Hooper rode Quick Ahorn Z. As usual all rode beautifully and missed first place by few points.
Well done and thank you to all competitors who rode for Mynydd Riding Club


Festival of the Horse Championships at Aston le Walls 2nd June 2012
Emily Andrews and Vicky Embling Davies rode for club. They weren't placed but appreciate their efforts travelling there and competing. They did thoroughly enjoy the experience and had a super weekend away


On June 1st the Race Night at Pencoed Rugby Club was a brilliant evening!

A big THANK YOU to our Race Sponsors: Cardiff Sadddlery of Pentyrch 02920 892613, Amy's Pet Services 07745046807, Mid Glamorgan Electrical 07969798161, PRG Transport, Jessica Hayes Equine Dentist 07816199643 & Aron Christie Farrier 07933477910 all of whom provide invaulable services in the South Wales area, and we urge our members to support them too!

And a big thanks our raffle prize donors. The raffle will be drawn on the Race Night. lots of fab prizes include a basket of goodies and vouchers from Robinsons, a Show Stock from Design a Bridle, a voucher from Pritchards Saddlery, a waterproof jacket from CMS Teamwear, Holiday stay in a 2 double bed apartment in Torrox Costa in the Costa Del Sol Spain (not including flights) kindly donated by Better Business Food Consultancy, XC lesson at Alps Park with Richard Conway, a lesson with Sara Coffin, a lesson with Ann Peate, lesson with Zoe Mann a custom embroidered numnah from Paradise Ponies, A consultation and treatment session Equine Sports Massage Therapy 07805019006

Area 15 Horse Trials at Sapey 27th May 2012 

Julia Whittaker won the intermediate class at the Area 15 Horse Trials Qualifier at Sapey and has qualified for the finals in Aston Le Walls, WELL DONE JULIA and FRANK! Well done Sian Humphries came a proud second in the BE 80. Well done to everyone else who competed, a good day was had by all!

Area Show Jumping Competition Pencoed 26th Feb 2012

We entered a Junior and 2 Senior teams. We weren't placed but had great fun and thank you to all that competed.
Our Junior Team consisted of Nathan Johnson and Big Boy Barney , Emily Groves and The North Man, Molly Groves and Tysgubor Heather and Bronwyn and Prince. They rode very well. Emily had a lovely clear round and Nathan s horse being young managed an area sj course knocking only 2 poles.
Our 2 senior Teams consisted of Rhian Carter and Billy , Andrew Goldsworthy and Rusty ,  Alison Bater and Let's Tango,  Vicky  McCarthy and Jess , Emily Andrews and Huckleberry Finn , Vicky Davies and covers clover lad,  Sharonne Williams and Oscar and Sian Humphries and Breeze.
Some of these seniors rode for the first time at area level and were fab! Also some seniors rode the dressage qualifier in usk the day before so it was a weekend of competing.
Well done to Sian Humphries who had double clear , Emily Andrews and Sharonne Williams who had a  clear round. Lovely Jumping.
Special thank you to Rhian Carter Andrew Goldsworthy Sharonne Williams and Alison Bater who came on board late to cover members who for one reason or another couldn't compete. Alison only joined the team 2 days before the qualifier so a massive thank you . They all jumped really well and although weren't placed competed in style .
Team competitions really brings our members together and all the teams gave each other tremendous support which was lovely to be part of. Rhian Carter who was riding her young horse today as already qualified on her competition mare was a great person to have on board giving the team pointers and advice . Our leader Julia was chief steward at  the event and is was funny to see her busy at work organising. It was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed.
Better luck next time. 


Area Dressage Saturday 25th February at Usk College:

Well done and thank you to all who contributed and competed for our club!
Our junior team were placed 5th, and one senior team placed 6th!

The junior team consisted of

Edie Johnson riding Mickey Finn at Crossdrum placed individual 10th (Prelim 18)

Nathan Johnson riding Big Boy Barney placed individual 12th (Prelim 18)

Libby Johnson riding Merlin placed 9th (Novice 24)

Georgia Bowden riding Rivenwood Royal Oak placed 8th (Novice 24)
Libby is aged 8 and Georgia aged 11, riding a novice test was a great achievement for them both. Edie and Nathan rode young horses and competing at an area qualifier was again an achievement.

We entered 2 senior teams who all rode brilliantly and individually obtained great scores.
Our first senior team consisted of

Emily Andrews riding Huckleberry Finn and was placed individual 13th (Prelim 18)

Amy Daye riding Grosvenor Flyer and was placed individual 11th (Prelim 18)

Lisa Hooper riding DJ Smalltalk (Novice 24)

Julia Whittaker riding Time Flight (Novice 24).

This team were placed 6th as a team. Well done all!
Emily and Amy competed for club for the first time and showed a lot of promise . Lisa rode Julia's dressage horse at late notice and Julia rode her Event horse and both rode to an excellent standard as always.
Our second team consisted of

Sharonne Williams and Oscar placed individula 21st (Prelim 18)

Caroline Browne and Isabella placed individual 25th (Prelim 18)

Rhian Carter riding Crimson Charisma placed individual 12th (Novice 24)

Seonaid Culliford riding Smartie Pants placed individual 20th (Novice 24)

Thesecond senior team were not placed but achieved great individual scores, and did well considering there were replacements at short notice!

Again thanks to you to everyone who helped and competed, Area Competitions are a lot fun and a great way to represent our club.

The Veterinary Lecture at Pencoed Rugby Club on January 27th in relation to Prohibited Substances and getting your horse competition fit went very well with a very good talk from Hannah James from B&W Equine Group. For details of prohibited substances go to


British Riding Club National Championships – Lincoln 2011

Team Mynydd set sail for Lincoln on Friday 16th September, leaving a rather wet Wales hoping for better weather over on the east side of England. The three lorries and one campervan were not quite in convoy but we managed to keep in touch with each other via mobiles and despite the road works, all arrived safe and sound, albeit 6 hours after setting off. Horses were soon settled into the permanent stabling which was much appreciated by all.

Meanwhile, the support crew set up camp and got the all important dinner on the go. Martin took a risk by opting to ditch the chilli for curry but everyone agreed that it was absolutely superb. The alcohol didn’t flow freely as we all knew that we had an early start, especially Julia, who was the very first rider to go in the whole competition. Fearing that she might not have time to walk the course in the morning, as she also had her other horse ready for the dressage final, she pedalled the bike over to walk the course in the dark!

Saturday morning came with a dry start but with showers threatening on the horizon, which proved to be short but heavy throughout the day. Frank (Time Flight) came uncharacteristically out of his stable like he was ready for the 2.30pm at Ascot. With Martin Thomas leading him up and the privet hedges that surround all the rings at Lincoln, he did look as if he might have been better suited to a day at the races, jogging and bucking and kicking. He soon settled down though and was ready to jump at 9am, with a slight delay it was more like 9.10am and Julia worried that she may have over cooked him but he went in and jumped a clear round, it was a bit of a lucky clear with a couple of knocks but a clear it was.

She then had to race off to get him untacked and Gem (DJ Small talk) tacked up for the dressage with her test at 10am. Not much to report on the dressage, and it was probably better forgotten than remembered, suffice to say Julia managed a personal best “worst” score for the 2nd movement, after having to perform an emergency re-entry to the arena at M! Still she had done very well to qualify and better luck is due next time.

Back to the Intermediate show jumping, a decent track, very cleverly built with 15 jumping efforts, including a water tray, dog leg turns, a treble, an offset double and numerous related distances. Lisa Hooper on Charlie (Quick Ahorn Z) had an unlucky one down to end up with 4 faults.

Next to jump was Lorna Thomas on Roland (Milwas Master) who being the veteran of the team at 17, and having been lame earlier in the week, did his best to finish on 12 faults.

Finally, our banksman, cool as a cucmberandnow known as the enforcer, after her success at the racenight, Rhian Carter rode brilliantly to secure another clear round for team Mynydd on Phoebe (Crimson Charisma).

The second rounds started after lunch and the commentator took the opportunity to really ham it up as Julia Whittaker came into the ring. Team Mynydd were in joint FIRST place with two other teams and it was all to play for. The course was proving incredibly difficult with only 12 clears in the first round out of 140 riders. Frank came in and had the first two fences down, really cross with herself, Julia picked him up and went on to jump the rest clear, ending on 8 faults. Lisa Hooper was next to go after a very heavy bout of rain and was unlucky to have 3 down, ending up with 12 faults. Then came Lorna with Roland and was also unlucky to have 20 faults. Fearing that we had completely messed up, once again all the pressure came on Rhian, who was really really unlucky to have one down and end up on 4. With the two round of scores combined we ended up with 28 faults which for a time was leaving us in 3rd place, we were getting very excited to think we may be all going to get a rug in the mounted prize giving but unfortunately it ended up that we were 6th. This was still a huge achievement, out of 23 teams throughout the UK, and a course where there were only 6 double clears all day.

Well done team Mynydd and many thanks again to all our sponsors that made it possible for us all to be there.

26th of August Club Race Night

The race night held at Pencoed Rugby Club on 26th August was a great success, raising vital funds to send the team and individual riders to Lincoln for the BRC National Championships. We have had numerous messages from members to say how much they enjoyed it and we think it will become a regular event on the club calendar. The race commentator and pundit, Martin Thomas, made the night with his racing insight and superb commentary. Some where between Peter O'Sullivan and John McCricrick, he had every possible angle covered, with his interviewing skills of jockeys and owners, keeping everyone up to date with the latest odds offered on and fluent commentary within each race.
In addition, a lot of other people gave up their time to help run the event, by making the horses, cooking chilli (to the special 'Martin' recipe, now known as Lincoln Chilli), approaching potential sponsors and selling raffle tickets. A special thanks go to them all, the club is extremely lucky to have their support.
Finally, the event would not have been possible without the kind and generous support of all our sponsors and we would ask all our members to show their appreciation by taking time to shop at their stores, buy their goods or utilise their services.

12th June 2011 - Area 15 Show Jumping

Despite the awful rain today Mynydd Senior intermediate team Julia Whittaker on Time Flight, Lisa Lions on Quick Ahorn Z, Lorna Thomas on Milwas Master and Rhian Carter on Crimson Charisma won the Area 15 intermediate team jumping at Hereford. Jumping a massive course of fences, at 105cm with spreads and the slippery conditions the team won by a long shot! Lisa had the only double clear of the competition and won the individual placing, with Rhian coming second.
So Lincoln here we come!!!
A huge congratulations to all of our memebers who have qualified this year for the
British Riding Clubs National Championships on the 17th & 18th of September. Kerry Phelps, Lydia Christian and Juila Whittaker have qualified in the novice dressage.
We will be fund raising as a club to support our members at the finals therefore any ideas, raffle prizes or spare cash let us know!!!!!

15th May 2011 - Area 15 Dressage

A MASSIVE WELL DONE to all who competed at the Area 15 Dressage in Usk!!!! The Senior Prelim team came 3rd, the junior team came 3rd, and the Senior Open team came 2nd! A massive congratualtions to Julia Whittaker, Kerry Phelps and Lydia Christian who came 1st in their Novice tests and have qualified for the finals in Lincoln!

Rhian Carter came 2nd and Non Davies 3rd as individuals in the Prelim test.

These are fantasic results and a credit to our club, members and instructors. Thank you to everyone for your efforts, it was well worth it.

18th December 2011
A massive "Congratulations" to our junior member, Gee Powell, who WON the Oliver Townend Eventers Challenge Championships at Aintree on 18th December.
This is a fantastic achievement as this is a hotly contested competition with many qualifying events around the UK, culminating in the Championships last month. Gee was riding her horse called Alim who is 19 years old, in the competition which combines show jumping with indoor cross country. They qualified for the championships in Pencoed and then set off for Aintree on probably one of the worst days for snow last year, the 17th December. What normally would have been a 4 hour journey turned into a nightmare of 9 hours to get to Aintree, Liverpool. When they finally arrived at 11pm the snow was a foot deep and was getting deeper. On the way there they had to push cars out of the way on the motorway to get through and on the slip roads where lorries and cars were sliding on the ice and stuck in the snow. All that was worth it though to be crowned Champion for 2010! Gee will be on Horse and Country TV (Sky 280) on the 21st on January at 9pm and has also won a private lesson with Oliver Townend, tickets for the Oliver Townend and Geoff Billington Championship tour, 25% and £25 off an equestrian website.
Well done Gee, we are all extremely proud of you!

September 11th 2010

The Senior Jumping Team went to the BRC National Championships in Lincoln

Having won the area qualifier in Hereford, the team comprising of Julia Whittaker, Lisa Lions, Lorna Thomas, Rhian Carter qualified and went to the British Riding Clubs National Championships in Lincoln. Together with the "support team" the ladies had a fabulous time, were well fed and watered and together with the lovely weather achieved a fantastic 4th out of 22 teams!

Area Dressage Competition 15th August 2010

Junior Team

Libby Johnson riding Merlin

Edie Johnson riding Monty

Sarah Houston riding Cleo

Tatum Bolt riding Sweet Pea

Team came 5th overall. The girls had a fabulous day and had some excellent scores. Well done to you all!

Senior Team

Sian Humphries riding Breeze

Rhian Carter riding Phoebe

Sue Bater riding

Margaret Houston riding Dumbledore

Team preformed brilliantly with some respectable scores.

Thank you to you all for competing for club. It was a wonderful sunny day that everyone enjoyed.

Wednesday August 11th 2010 - BRC Summer ENews

The latest news from British Riding Clubs is available in pdf format:
BRC eNews.

Sunday June 27th - Latest News

Latest news for Mynydd Riding Club is available to download in word format:
News 1 and News 2.

Monday June 21st 2010 - Fantastic news for Mynydd

For the first time in Mynydd Riding Club history we are extremely proud to announce that our Senior Novice show jumping team have won the Area 15 qualifier and therefore qualified for the British Riding Clubs National Championships in Lincoln, in September.

The team consisted of Julia Whittaker riding Time Flight, Lisa Lyons riding Quick Ahorn Z, Lorna Thomas riding Sly Stepper, and Rhian Carter riding Crimson Charisma.

Area 15 is one of the largest areas in the UK, stretching from Hereford, down to South and East Wales. There are 25 affiliated clubs in this area, so it is a massive achievement to not only qualify for the Championships but to win as well.

The qualifier took place just outside of Hereford and was hosted by Hereford and District Riding Club. It was a beautiful day and a very scenic drive to arrive at the competition venue.

The Italian course designer, Mr. Giovanni Losito, had set a challenging two course competition in a smallish ring, making full use of the undulating ground. Having two courses built within one ring meant that there was a total of 24 jumps. which proved a little confusing to more than one rider. More on that later!

Julia Whittaker was first to go for Mynydd and set the standard with a clear round. Lisa Lyons, Lorna Thomas and Rhian Carter all quickly followed suit all producing beautiful clears. This meant the team went through to the 2nd round with no penalties, placing pressure on all the other teams.

The 2nd round was over the 2nd set of jumps in the ring and once again Time Flight produced a clear round. Lisa Lyons posted a very fluent clear round and was very unlucky to pick up one time fault. Next to go was Lorna Thomas, who unfortunately had two stops due to the difficult ground conditions. So immense pressure fell on our anchor rider Rhian Carter to produce a clear round, which she did with much style and nerves of steel.

Unfortunately, we were then left in the dark as to what was happening, all that was announced was that there was a jump off for the individual places. This was just 6 riders who had got double clears in the two rounds. Mynydd did exceptionally well to have 2 of those 6 riders from their team.

Julia Whittaker was 1st to go in the jump off and although jumping an immaculate clear round, confused by the number of jumps in the ring, she also jumped a double that wasn't in the jump off course and was subsequently eliminated.

Rhian Carter was also in the jump off and took an amazing turn to the double but also for a moment lost her way, quickly regained her composure, jumping from one stride to a meaty oxer, to pick up just 4 faults and 3rd place overall.

Everyone was then waiting outside the ring for the final results, there was a long "X-Factor" type pause, and then the winners were announced "Mynydd Riding Club". This was followed by much cheering and whooping from our club supporters, including the junior team who kindly stayed on to support the seniors.

Each team member received qualifying and riding club rosettes and also a coveted British Riding Club team qualifier polo shirt.

Massive congratulations to the team and good luck at the Championships

Monday June 14th 2010
BRC Summer ENews
The latest news from British Riding Clubs is available in pdf format

Wednesday May 12th 2010
General Update

Would members please help put the jumps out and put them away at the end of the evening. If people don’t help, we will either have to charge people extra on jumping nights or we will limit to having just two jumps out.

Please remember the committee members volunteer their time free of charge. We run club out of the goodness of our hearts and it would be lovely if some more members would help. We run club with the ethos that everyone volunteers without having to have their arms twisted.

Monday 21st June Committee meeting Estelle’s house

6th and 7th of March

Area 15 team dressage qualifier at Usk College

I'm very pleased to say that for the first time ever Mynydd Riding Club sent a junior and senior team to compete in the area team dressage competition. For those of you unfamiliar with this competition, two riders were required to ride a Riding Club test and two rode a British Dressage Novice Test. As with the team show jumping the standard of competitors at the Area qualifiers is very high, so I'm delighted to report that both teams did exceedingly well.
Riding for the junior team was Libby Johnson, Georgia Bowden, Edie Johnson and Emily Groves. This team did very well to come home with a 6th placed rosette. Special awards go to Libby and Georgia, 6 and 9 respectively, who held their own riding against other juniors aged up to 18.
The senior competition was held on the following day, which meant an exceptionally early start for Rhian Carter and Anna Roper who both rode the riding club test. Both did very well against the tough competition, made up of 17 riding clubs throughout Area 15. Julia Whittaker and Lisa Lyons were the other members making up the team and rode the Novice Test. Unfortunately, the team was not placed but for a first appearance at the Area qualifier I was very pleased with everyone's performance. Well done and I look forward to next team event.

Sunday 21st February

Area 15 Novice team show jumping qualifier at Pencoed College

What a day, this was the most exciting Area qualifier I have been too, the tension going into the jump off for the final placings was immense. The senior team did fantastically well, just narrowly missing out on qualifying for the National Championships, finishing 3rd overall. The junior team rode very well but were unplaced.
This is a very hotly contested competition, as Area 15 is one of the largest areas in the UK for British Riding Clubs with 21 clubs registered from Herefordshire through to South Wales. In the senior team competition there were 17 teams competing in total. Riding for the Mynydd team this year was Julia Whittaker, Lisa Lyons, Rhian Carter and Lorna Thomas. In the junior team we had Edie Johnson, Emily Groves and Tara Nash.
A huge well done to all those who took part and supported the club on the day.