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Affiliated to British Riding Clubs

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About Us...

Mynydd Riding Club is based near Bridgend in South Wales. We meet every Thursday evening at Pencoed College.Our ethos is to encourage riders of all ages and abilities to improve their riding and horsemanship, whilst having fun.Our club has grown considerably over the last few years.

Our Lesson Times every Thursday evening at Pencoed Collage are...

Top School (max 8 per lesson) Lower School (max 5 per lesson)

6pm to 7pm

7pm to 8pm

8pm to 9pm


We run two schools providing 6 hours of lessons we accomodate all levels. We have regular instructors who are rotated weekly.

We also run Monday sessions which rotate between different venues including Stocklands, Alps, and Pencoed 

See all details of forthcoming lessons, clinics and events on our homepage


Members can book lessons on Thursdays or Monday's by texting Amy on 07745 046807, or book into clinics or arrange to compete for club by texting Estelle on 07530 680346
Booking requests sent via e-mail will be forwarded onto the relevant person.

All bookings must be paid for, unless a replacement is found and the booking gets paid for.

We are a not for profit club run by volunteers, your Committee Members are:

  • Julia Whittaker (Secretary, Memberships, Area 15 liason, Child Welfare Officer)
  • Janette Brookes (Safety Officer, Refreshments Co-ordinator)
  • Rhian Carter (Chair, Website Maintenance and E-mail) 07793972696
  • Amy Daye (Treasurer, Lessons Coordinator) 07745 046807
  • Sharone Williams (Events Marketing and Sponsors Co-ordinaror)
  • Georgina Graves (Social events manager) 
  • Lynne Johnson (Child Welfare Officer, Camp organiser)

We have full time jobs and try our best to run the club as best we can, however we dont' always get it right! We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism, please contact us

In order to function the club will need the support of it's members, and therefore need your help on club nights, at our events and at the Area Events.

In November each year we have an Annual General Meeting where new committee members can be put forward by our adult members, or members can attend to express their opinions and make suggestions for the forthcoming year. Details of our AGM will be posted on our homepage. 


We also have a or search Mynydd Riding Club on Facebook and ask to join.

Some Reminders...


Please be sure to collect all droppings from the car park, otherwise club gets fined! We have a poop scoop for you to use.

Please help to put jumps out and away on club nights, arrive early for clinics, as they say more hands make light work! If we don't have help this will eat into your lesson/clinic time that you are paying for!

When parking lorries and horseboxes in the car park in Pencoed beside the large school please park diagonally facing away from the large school and not lengthways. You can also park lorries in the area at the end of the school. No cars to be parked in both these areas on evenings and weekends as they must be reserved for horseboxes and lorries only. Do not park along the length of the school.


No trotting (or cantering) in the car park.


Many competitions, including AREA QUALIFIERS require your horse to be properly vaccinated for Flu, and the vaccinations must be within date. Use this checker to ensure that you will not be turned away on the day!

New Standard for Body Protectors which must beLevel 3 Purple label 2000


30% off British Riding Clubs Gold membership for Riding Club Members. Give your riding club number when you call.

Being a member you must abide by the Club Rulesand the British Riding Club Rules